Degree Code:C01
Degree Type:BACHELOR
Degree Duration:4
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Level : 1
Semester: Non Specified
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
CLT101 Introduction To Oral Literature45View Description
CLT102 Introduction To Drama45View Description
CLT103 Introduction To Poetry45View Description
CLT104 Introduction To Prose45View Description
Level : 2
Semester: Non Specified
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
CLT201 Language Description45View Description
CLT202 Eastern African Oral Literature45View Description
CLT203 Language Use In Literature45View Description
CLT204 Eastern African Poetry45View Description
CLT205 Introduction To Literary Criticism45View Description
CLT206 Eastern African Drama45View Description
CLT207 Black Aesthetics45View Description
CLT208 Eastern African Prose45View Description
CLT209 Creative Writing Introduction45View Description
CLT210 Childrens Poetry45View Description
CLT211 Children45View Description
CLT212 Childrens Narratives45View Description
Level : 3
Semester: Non Specified
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
CLT301 Theory Of Literature45View Description
CLT302 European Poetry And Drama45View Description
CLT303 Stylistics45View Description
CLT304 European Prose45View Description
CLT305 Theory Of Oral Literature45View Description
CLT306 Genres Of Oral Literature45View Description
CLT307 African Drama45View Description
CLT308 Theatre Arts I45View Description
CLT309 Non-african Drama45View Description
CLT310 Theatre Arts Ii45View Description
CLT312 Latin American Poetry And Drama45View Description
CLT314 Latin American Prose45View Description
CLT316 Early Swahili Literature45View Description
CLT318 Modern Swahili Literature45View Description
CLT320 Indian Literature In English Translation45View Description
CLT322 Anglo-indian Literature45View Description
Level : 4
Semester: Non Specified
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
CLT401 Southern African Literature45View Description
CLT402 Modern African Poetry45View Description
CLT403 West African Literature45View Description
CLT404 Modern Non-african Poetry45View Description
CLT407 African-american Literature45View Description
CLT408 Texts And Sources In Children45View Description
CLT410 American Literature45View Description
CLT412 Canadian Literature45View Description
CLT414 Classical Japanese Literature45View Description
CLT416 Modern Japanese Literature45View Description
CLT418 Major Author45View Description
CLT420 Dissertation Or Creative Work45View Description

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