Theatre and Film Studies
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Theatre and film production are rapidly taking centre stage in the entertainment industry. The proliferation of micro production units such as local videos and films and the many performances in our towns and villages in the form of community theatre, call for an academic input to enable us to harness the energies and creativities of Kenyans. In order to contribute to the entertainment business and create more jobs for Kenyans, there is need to inject a level of professionalism and strengthen the skills of those engaged in the entertainment and education industries.

The Department, realising this, curently offers courses in theatre and film studies at Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels to meet the increasing demand for all these.

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CLP 101

Introduction to Performance

CLP 102

History of Theatre

CLP 103

History of Music and Dance

CLP 104

Fundamentals of Actor Training

CLP 201

Technical Production

CLP 202

Educational Institutions Festivals

CLP 203

Theories of Performance

CLP 204

Film History and Movements

CLP 205

Dramatization of the Oral Narrative I

CLP 206

Film Genres

CLP 207

Performance Poetry

CLP 208

Music Instrumentation

CLP 209

Dance Drama

CLP 210


CLP 301

Scene Design Workshop

CLP 303

Costume Design and Make-up Techniques 

CLP 305

Sound Design and Stage Lighting 

CLP 307

Research Methods in Performing Arts

CLP 309

Critical Approaches in Film 

CLP 311

Performance and Modern Culture

CLP 313

Dance in Theatre I

CLP 315

Music Making and Performance

CLP 302

Principles of Directing for Theatre and Film

CLP 304

Scripting and Script Analysis 

CLP 306

The Components of Film

CLP 308

Choral Performance

CLP 310

Dramatization of the Oral Narrative II

CLP 312

Dance Practice and Choreography

CLP 314

Discourses on Music in Africa

CLP 316

Music from the Global South

CLP 318:

Field Attachment

CLP 401

Theatre for Development

CLP 403

Marketing Management of Performing Arts

CLP 405

Professional Theatre in Kenya


Possible Career Opportunites

  • Theatre Practioners and Producers
  • Film Producers and Directors
  • Video Producers and Editors
  • Mass Media Practitioners
  • Educators
  • Publishing and Book Industry